National Night Out

Through funding and coordinating law enforcement personnel, fire personnel, and the City of Jeffersonville, JNLA continues to sponsor this yearly event.

National Night Out provides the opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other and establish a relationship, which in turn, means increased awareness concerning neighborhood safety.  It also allows residents to interact on a personal level with public servants.

The evening, which often includes food, music, and games, also serves neighborhood associations as a recruiting tool, encouraging those who attend to become more involved in their association.

Repair Affair

JNLA has supported New Directions Housing Corporation’s  Repair Affair program. JNLA teams have had the opportunity to make a difference for elderly and or disabled low income homeowners.

All In One Block Party

Through a grant from Indiana Humanities, JNLA hosted the All-In Block party.  The purpose; to educate, to inform and to get people involved in their city, county and state was successful due to the help of local organizations.