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Neighborhood Association Boundaries

Neighborhood associations unify the residents of their area to address common concerns and come up with solutions; to create projects and set goals to bring those projects to fruition. A Neighborhood Association also offers a means of communication between neighbors and a stronger voice between the neighborhood and city officials.

When choosing a neighborhood, people want and seek a place that offers safety, a sense of community, well-being and beautification. Neighborhood Associations strive to make those a reality.


Email Cherry Hill Neighborhood President

Cherry Hill

North: 10th Street | South: 8th Street | East: Pratt Street | West: Main Street

City Council District 1

Email Claysburg Neighborhood President


From the Jeffersonville/Clarksville border, south to 10th street, east to almost Dutch Lane and west to Mitchell Ave.

City Council District 1

Email Crystal Springs Neighborhood President

Crystal Springs

Clubhouse Address: Crystal Springs Blvd.

City Council District 6

Email Franklin Commons Neighborhood President

Franklin Commons

North: 7th Street | South: Market Street | East: West side of Fulton | West: East side of Spring

City Council District 1

Email Mellwood Neighborhood President


Includes the streets of Meadowlark Rd., Robin Lane, Cardinal Lane, and Blue Teal.

City Council District 5

Email Northaven Neighborhood President


North: Nole Drive | South: 10th Street | East: Northaven Dr | West: Reeds Lane

City Council District 2

Email Oak Park/Clark Dell Neighborhood President

Oak Park

North: Middle Road | South: Beechwood | East: Hemlock, Lancassange, Acorn and Longview | West: Allison Lane Note: Longview extends to Utica Pike

City Council District 3

Email Port Fulton Landing Neighborhood President

Port Fulton Landing

North: 8th Street | South: Market Street | East: Main Street (with the inclusion of High Street and Jackson) | West: East side of Fulton Street

City Council District 1

Email Rose Hill Neighborhood President

Rose Hill

North: Court Ave | South: W. Riverside Drive ( E. Riverside included) | East: West side of Spring | West: I-65

City Council District 1

Email Skyline Acres Neighborhood President

Skyline Acres

3310 E. Hwy 62

City Council District 6

Email Stonybrooke Neighborhood President


North: Farm fields | South: The Twilight Golf Course, Utica-Sellersburg Rd and farm fields | East: New Chapel Rd | West: IN 62 and undeveloped land

City Council District 6

Email The Terraces of Park Place Neighborhood President

The Terraces of Park Place

Kewanna, Chippewa, Merryman, Wesley Court, Gilmore, Howell, Mohawk, Brighton, Charlestown Ave, Blanchel Terrace, Utica Pike from Ewing lane to Jackson and Park Place from Ewing lane to Main at. Bridgepoint school and all of Lottie Olgesby park and the east half of Vogt Park are included in TOPP

City Council Districts 3 and 5

Email Whispering Oaks II Neighborhood President

Whispering Oaks II

Clubhouse Address: 6434 21st Century Drive

City Council District 6