Active Neighborhood Associations

Social Media

A Facebook site, if used correctly, is a valuable tool to communicate with neighbors about upcoming projects, events, even lost pets!.  It should not however, take the place of actual meetings. It’s best to have at least two administrators for a Facebook site for the simple reason that with only one, the site might be unusable if the originator is unavailable.

How to keep your Neighborhood Association Viable

1. Publicize your meetings in a timely manner.
2. Have guest speakers (JNLA will be happy to assist you)
3. Plan projects

  • In planning projects, keep the ball rolling with a list of projects and activities that will maintain participation and interest. This requires a lot of organization by association members. The best approach is to plan around a calendar. Do not suffocate your members with more projects than time will allow. Choose a pace and stay consistent. Slow progress is often better than no progress at all, but keep in mind that one large gap in activity could cost you the participation of a large majority of your membership because of lack of interest. Keep people involved in all levels and give people specific jobs (with specific time frames) to do. Everyone is willing to contribute a little bit of time. Do not give too much responsibility to one person when it can be easily delegated to several.
  • The following is a list of possible short‐ and long‐term projects:
    1. Neighborhood Clean‐up
    2. Community Garden, tree planting, flower planting
    3. Back‐to‐school party and school supply drive
    4. Murals or neighborhood art project
    5. Neighborhood scrapbook or video
    6. Block party or festival
    7. Neighborhood entrance signs
    8. Security lighting
    9. Tool lending libraries
    10. Tutoring program for youth
    11. Home tours
    12. Neighborhood cook‐out, picnic, or potluck
    13. National night out celebration
    14. Holiday celebration
    15. Neighborhood t-shirts
    16. Yard of the month award
    17. Neighborhood newsletter, web site, directory, or telephone/email tree
    18. Paint up/fix up projects